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As a faithful and intrepid traveler, and one who finds themselves drawn to archaeological tours – admirable virtues in our estimation – you may find that you easily qualify for membership in the Frederick Catherwood Society. You are singular in your pursuit of the comprehensive archaeological tour, the opportunity to learn about other peoples and other cultures, and you surrender to your desire to investigate beyond the boundary of your daily experience.

You will automatically become a member when you register for a second trip with Far Horizons within a 12 month period. Upon registering for this second archaeological trip, you will receive a 5 percent discount on this trip’s cost. *

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First of all, we unabashedly declare that we love you. And, as a gesture of our great esteem we offer you the following:

Receive a 5 percent discount on the cost of a second trip you take in within any 12-month period. *

Receive a 10 percent discount on th cost of your 10th archaeological trip .*


First, be assured that we will take excellent care of your friends & relations. And, once they take their first archaeological tour with Far Horizons, returning with happy tales of their journey, you will receive a 5 percent discount on your next trip.*


Hand-select a group of your favorite friends or family members, 10 or more, and journey with them as the 11th traveler on either a regularly scheduled Far Horizons tour or a customized itinerary without incurring the trip’s land cost. If you join one of our cultural tours with a smaller group of 8 or 9, you may still accompany them at 50 percent of the trip’s land cost.*


Frederick Catherwood Club discounts may not be combined with other discounts, promotions or travel agent commissions.

Discounts are deducted from the trip cost and shown on the final invoice.

To be eligible for membership and discounts, all bookings must be made by the participant directly with Far Horizons.

Terms and conditions of the Frederick Catherwood Society are subject to change, and the entire program is subject to cancellation at the discretion of Far Horizons Archaeological & Cultural Trips, Inc.

The effective start date of the offers described above is January 1, 2010.

Additional Benefits for ALL Far Horizons travelers

Far Horizons has jumped on the Social Media wave with our Facebook page – – and our blog – Upon returning from a Far Horizons trip, If you send us a write-up that we post to either Facebook or our blog, we wil take $100 off your next trip! And if your comment is posted on both, we take $200 off your next trip! Don’t forget to go to the Far Horizons Facebook page and become a fan so that you can add your comments there.

Also, if you send us a photo from a recent Far Horizons trip and we use it on our website and/or trip brochure, you will receive $100 off your next trip with us!

Why Frederick Catherwood?

Frederick Catherwood was a man who loved to travel. Born into an affluent English family in 1799, he studied architecture at Oxford; however, his leading passion was exploring the world, creating remarkable, and later renowned, drawings of ancient sites from Egypt to Central America. At the impressionable age of 40, he accompanied travel writer, John Lloyd Stephens, to Mesoamerica. With meticulous care and attention to detail he was able to capture and evoke the mystery and the profound accomplishment represented by the “lost cities” he and his travel companion rediscovered.

It is here in the land of the Maya that the paths of Frederick and Mary Dell, the creator of Far Horizons, “cross”. Mary Dell, also in her 40s, but 144 years later, discovers the lure of the ancient cities of this area and resolves that she will devote herself to bringing the spirited and steadfast traveler to see the areas that made such an impression on both her and Frederick Catherwood. Leaving academia behind and shouldering her backpack, she sets out by van and motorcycle on numerous exploratory missions across Mexico and Central America, visiting sites that Frederick Catherwood and John Lloyd Stephens brought to the attention of the world in the early 1800s.

Before long, the call of other destinations beckoned Mary Dell, and Far Horizons was planning archaeological trips to Turkey, Easter Island, and beyond. Over 25 years later, Far Horizons’ journeys proudly preserve the flavor of Frederick Catherwood’s original archaeological explorations with their attention to detail and their focus on the importance of understanding other cultures.

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