Far Horizons Plans Your Custom Tour!

by | Feb 10, 2021 | Far Horizons

Let us create a memorable custom tour that will satisfy your wanderlust!

Haven’t you always wanted to plan a special trip with your family, a close group of friends, “just the two of you”, or perhaps you have longed for a solo trip?

Isn’t 2016 the year to take your grandchildren to see the pyramids? Or, your son or daughter to hike the Inka trail and be stunned by Machu Picchu? Didn’t your mother mention she always wanted to see the sun rise over the Taj Mahal, slowly watching it appear out of the mist? Do you want to travel with a group of friends led by a special scholar? Are you a teacher who has always wanted to take a group of students to Belize?

Do you know that every year we create once-in-a-lifetime custom educational, cultural, and archaeological tours to your specifications?

Yes, group travel is marvelous and all Far Horizons tours are unique, creatively planned, and special.

But sometimes you do yearn for a private adventure.

Years of experience, proven logistical capabilities, and exceptional knowledge of the most remote areas and cultures makes Far Horizons the ideal company to assist you in your journey. Our contacts among the peoples of our destinations, and the scientists that work in each of them, make each of our unique trips a very special and exciting experience!

Whether it’s your own private yacht charter along the remote coast of Turkey, a private tour of Easter Island, becoming familiar with the delights of Laos or Vietnam, finally seeing Jordan’s Petra, witnessing the spectacle of Persepolis in Iran, going back to Guatemala because you never made it to Tikal, or exploring India’s stunning Taj Mahal, we can do it for you!

The world is truly your oyster. And, we are here to crack it open for you!

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