Dr. Lloyd Llewellyn-Jones

Lloyd Llewellyn-Jones is a Professor in Ancient History in the School of History, Archaeology and Religion at Cardiff University.  He earned his PhD at Cardiff University as well and has published extensively on socio-cultural history. Dr. Llewellyn-Jones specializes in Achaemenid history, culture, and archaeology.  He co-authored Ctesias’ History of Persia: Tales of the Orient for Routledge, and The Clothed Body in the Ancient World for Oxbow.  Other works include King and Court in Ancient Persia for Edinburgh University Press, and Persia in the Greek Imagination: A Sourcebook for Routledge. A sampling of his numerous published articles illustrate his breadth as a scholar: ‘Immortals’  and ‘Persian Cataphracts’ in Elite Fighting Forces; ‘The First Persian Empire’ in The Great Empires of the Ancient World,’Achaemenid Persia’ in The Middle East, The Cradle of Civilisation Revealed. Dr. Llewellyn-Jones  also organized an international conference in 2011, Persepolis: 40 Years On. Dr. Llewellyn-Jones  loves to travel and has lead many tours to Iran. He has a passion for introducing people to Persia in a thought provoking and enjoyable way.

Tours Led by Lloyd Llewellyn-Jones