Jennifer Rose

Jennifer Rose received her MA in Religious Studies from the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, and her PhD from Columbia University in Ancient Iranian Studies. While writing her doctoral dissertation (since published asThe Image of Zoroaster: The Persian Mage Through European Eyes), Dr. Rose was simultaneously a Senior Lecturer in Religious Studies at Brunel University, London, and the Deputy Director of a Religious Education Centre that supported the teaching of world faiths in the British public school system. She is presently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Religion at Claremont Graduate University, and is frequently an invited speaker at conferences in both North America and Europe. Apart from her two most recent publications on the Zoroastrian religion, Dr. Rose has published introductory books and other educational materials on the Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, and Sikh traditions. Her breadth of knowledge concerning the world’s religions, and her particular interest in the historical interaction between Iranians and those of other cultures along the Silk Road, make her an ideal study leader.

Tours Led by Jennifer Rose

  • Central Asia Silk Road Tour of Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan Iran-Tour-Persepolis-Pasargad-Bistoun-Isfahan-Shiraz-Shush-Isfahan-Hamadan-Isfahan-FeaturedSeptember 20 - October 7, 2019 | Jennifer Rose ‘Silk Road’ – the very phrase conjures up images of camel caravans heavily laden with precious goods, slowly moving along barely-visible tracks through an endless desert. Conquered by names engraved in history books - Alexander the Great, Genghiz Khan,Tamerlane - Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan are where empires were born.
  • Iran Tour: Empires of Everlasting Fires Iran-Tour-Persepolis-Pasargad-Bistoun-Isfahan-Shiraz-Shush-Isfahan-Hamadan-MuralSeptember 5 - 21, 2019 | Lloyd Llewellyn-Jones To many, the word “Persia” evokes a distant land remote in time, the home of ancient monuments and striking works of art: carpets, tiles, fine ceramics, miniatures and metal work. Indeed, Iran is a world both ancient and contemporary, linking the heartland of Asia and the cradle of Western civilization, a bridge between East and West.