William Sapp III

William D. Sapp III received his Ph.D. from UCLA, where he studied with noted Moche scholar Christopher Donnan. His interests include the high civilizations of Andean South America, the development of sociopolitical complexity, and settlement patterns. Bill based his doctoral dissertation on his excavations of the palace of Cabur, in the Jequetepeque Valley. He spent another six seasons excavating at the Chimú administrative centers of Algarrobal de Moro and Farfán. Specializing in architecture and ceramics, Bill is an expert in the late pre-Hispanic cultures of the Peruvian North Coast-the Lambayeque and Chimú – as well as the Inka. He currently serves as an Assistant Professor at California State University Dominguez Hills. Conversant in Spanish, he is charming and articulate, and a knowledgeable study leader.

Tours Led by William Sapp III