Egypt and Africa Tours

Tour Cairo, Luxor, Alexandria, the Nile river and more!

The following is the list of our upcoming Egypt and Africa trips.  If you are looking for something unique or not list here, contact us to discuss our custom tour options.

Sudan: An Exploration of Ancient Kush

January 19 – February 2, 2020 | E. C. Krupp
Travel by 4-wheel drive along the Nile and through the deserts of northern Sudan where towering pyramids, painted rock-cut tombs, and ornately carved temples await discovery. . Explore the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Meroe and Jebel Barkal, and enjoy specially-arranged, private tours by archaeologists at Tombos, El Kurru, Kawa, the Temple of Mut at Jebel Barkal, and Old Dongola’s Monastery of the Holy Trinity.

Tour Ethiopia: The Wonders of the Horn of Africa

September 23 – October 7, 2019 | Luisa Sernicola
Ethiopia is one of the oldest Christian countries in the world. Perched atop Africa’s highest plateau, Ethiopians developed a written language and a sophisticated culture based on a deep love of religion. . The trip itinerary is planned around the Meskel celebrations which take place throughout the country. No trip to Ethiopia would be complete without visiting Gondar and Bahir Dar or the famed rock-cut churches at Lalibela.

Undiscovered Egypt Tour & Nile Cruise

March 16 – 29, 2019| Bob Brier and Patricia Remler
Explore some of the most historically important, yet often unvisited, sites in Egypt: Alexandria; Amarna (with a private tour led by the archaeologist working there), and recently opened tombs near Saqqara (closed to the public). The trip culminates with a three day cruise down the Nile aboard a traditional Egyptian sailing yacht.

The Majesty of Egypt Tour

November 2 – 15, 2019 | Bob Brier and Patricia Remler
Travel from Cairo to Luxor to Aswan to Abu Simbel, and along the way experience awe-inspiring events as Far Horizons opens sites closed to the public – the pyramid of Unas, the richly-painted tomb of Nefertari, and the tomb chamber of the Great Pyramid. Join Far Horizons as we travel in the footsteps of the pharaohs!