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Led by renowned scholars and created by a visionary staff, our tours offer adventure, education, camaraderie, and a new understanding of the world’s cultures – both past and present.

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Join the Far Horizons family on an archaeological travel experience with a group of like-minded travelers and become a part of the 85% who return again and again!

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We provide small group travel experiences to areas that are off the beaten path. Our itineraries are designed to give you an understanding and appreciation of the country and its compelling history. Our renowned scholars will share their knowledge as you explore UNESCO World Heritage Sites and immerse yourself in the history and culture of the ancient world.

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Let us create a once-in-a-lifetime custom educational, cultural and archaeological tours of your dreams. Our years of experience, proven logistical capabilities, and exceptional knowledge of the most remote areas and cultures makes Far Horizons the ideal travel company to plan your special adventure. Whether it’s your own private yacht charter along the coast of a remote region of the world, a private tour of archaeological site not open to the public or witnessing the splendor of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, we can arrange just about anything for you and we are very creative. The world is truly your oyster and we are here to crack it open for you.

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Far Horizons Archaeological and Cultural Trips specializes in one of kind luxury educational tours throughout the world. Our historical and cultural tours offer adventure, education, camaraderie and a new understanding of the world’s cultures – both past and present. Each tour is led by a distinguished scholar who reveals the secrets and solves the mysteries of the countries we explore. All of our lecturers are acclaimed experts in the fields of Anthropology, Archaeology, Egyptology, Art History, Medieval History, Comparative Religion, the Classics, Ancient Mediterranean Studies, Archaeological Art & Architecture, and Literature.

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