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Our worldwide tours are designed to immerse our travelers in an experience for learning about new people and cultures. Our PhD academics are picked for their expertise in a given area and for their congeniality as traveling companions. This is a vacation after all!

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Dr Andrew Roddick

Assistant Professor

McMaster University

Dr Bob Brier

Senior Research Fellow

Long Island University

Dr Brian Buchanan

Research Associate

Durham University
British Medieval Archaeology

Dr Clark Erickson

Associate Professor

University of Pennsylvania

Dr Cynthia Packert

Professor of History of Art & Architecture

Middlebury College
Department of History of Art & Architecture

Dr Damian Evans


Greater Angkor Project
Ancient Khmer Civilization

Dr Elizabeth Rowe


University of Cambridge, England
Scandinavian History of the Viking Age

Dr Enda O’Flaherty

Survey & Geophysics

Rubicon Heritage Services Ltd.
Landscape Archaeology of Ireland

Dr Eric Tagliacozzo

Professor of History

Cornell University
Department of History

Dr Gary Rollefson


Whitman College

Dr Guy David Hepp

Assistant Professor

California State University, San Bernardino
Department of Anthropology

Dr James Bruhn

Scheduling, Marine and Battlefields Team

Historic Scotland
British Roman Archaeology

Dr Jennifer Tobin

Associate Professor of History and Classics

University of Illinois at Chicago
Greek and Roman Art & Archaeology

Jenny Rose

Dr Jenny Rose

Assistant Professor

Claremont Graduate University
Zoroastrian Studies of Ancient Iran

Dr Jeremy McInerney


University of Pennsylvania
Department of Classics

John France

Dr John France

Professor Emeritus

Swansea University in Wales
Renowned specialist on the Medieval Period

Dr Kylie Quave

Assistant Professor

Columbian College of Arts and Sciences, George Washington University

Dr Luisa Sernicola


University of Hamburg
Hiob Ludolf Center for Ethiopian Studies

Dr Malcolm David Eckel

Director, Institute for Philosophy and Religion

Boston University
Philosophical theory and religious practice

Dr Michael H. Fisher

Professor Emeritus

Dept. of History
Oberlin College

Dr Patrick Allitt

Professor of American History

Emory University
Department of History

Dr Paula Richman

Professor Emeritus

Dept. of Religion
Oberlin College

Dr Robert Garland

Emeritus Professor

Colgate University
Department of Classics

Dr Robin Coningham


Durham University
Department of Archaeology

Dr Salima Ikram

Distinguished Professor

American University in Cairo

Sidel Millerstrom

Dr Sidsel Millerström

Specialist on art

Art & architecture in Polynesia
PhD in Polynesian archaeology

Dr Stanley Guenter

University of Calgary

La Trobe University in Melbourne Australia
PhD in Archaeology

Dr Stephen Lekson

Professor of Anthropology

University of Colorado
Department of Anthropology

Dr Steven Ashby

Senior Lecturer

University of York, England
Medieval Archaeology

Dr Steven L. Tuck


Miami University
History and Classics

Dr Thomas F. X. Noble

Professor, Department of History

University of Notre Dame
Medieval and Roman History

Dr Tim Kendall

Former Director of the Jebel Barkal Project

Egyptology with specialty in Nubian Civilization

Dr Timothy Pauketat


University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Department of Anthropology

Dr Vassil Tenekedjiev

Assistant Professor - Department of Archaeology

Varna Regional Museum of History

Dr William R. Cook

Professor of History

State University of New York – Geneseo
Department of History

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