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Road to the colosseum

Top 10 Archaeological Sites in the World

The great archaeological sites offer more than mere photo opportunities – they are physical connections to strange and often mysterious bygone eras. The sites selected for this blog, scattered...
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A Journey Through UNESCO Sites of the Viking Age

Join Far Horizons as we explore six UNESCO World Heritage Sites that illuminate the fascinating world of Viking history.
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tunisia colosseum in el djem

A Guide to Tunisia’s History and Culture

Join Far Horizons for our exploration of the history and culture of Tunisia, a country we visit on our epic 16-day Wonders of Tunisia tour.
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Temple of Apollo Syracuse Sicily Italy

A Tour of the Island’s UNESCO World Heritage Treasures

Sicily, the largest island in the Mediterranean, has long been a melting pot of cultures, civilizations, and history.
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Temple of Amun at Jebel Barkal

Guide to the Temple of Amun

Located in modern-day Sudan, the Temple of Amun is a testament to ancient Egypt's rich history and religious traditions.
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Iran’s UNESCO Heritage Sites

Iran, a country with a rich and diverse history, boasts an impressive 24 UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
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Why You Should Visit Jordan

Jordanian culture is rich and diverse, with influences from the Bedouin, Arab, and Islamic traditions.
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What Are the Best Historical Destinations I Should Visit in Sudan?

Sudan is an utterly fascinating destination for those passionate about history and archaeology.
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The Greatest Persian Historical Sites to Visit Today

Iran is home to several of the world’s most extraordinary archaeological sites.
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