Dr Sidsel Millerström

Specialist on art and architecture in Polynesia
PhD in Polynesian archaeology

Sidel Millerstrom

Sidsel Millerström received her PhD from the University of California, Berkeley in Polynesian archaeology. She is a specialist on archaeological art and architecture and has worked on excavations all over Polynesia including Easter Island, Fiji, the Marquesas, and Tahiti. Since 1984, Dr. Millerström has worked on all six presently inhabited islands in the Marquesas during which she discovered and recorded numerous tikis, carvings of human figures, and more that 7,000 ancient petroglyphs, now published in her book, Te Henua Enana.

Up to this time no systematic survey had been conducted in the Marquesas, an archipelago which, in prehistory, was connected culturally with Easter Island. She excavated cave sites on Easter Island and worked with Dr. Georgia Lee documenting the petroglyphs and sculptures on the island.

Dr. Millerström’s knowledge about Easter Island, her love of the Rapanui people, along with her passion for all things Polynesian is infectious.

‘The highlight, hands down, was having Sidsel as our guide and friend throughout.’ -Jackie Humphrey

‘Sidsel was outstanding, personable, and accommodating. I can’t imagine a better study leader.‘ – Don Swanson

‘Sidsel was great! She knew so many people on Easter Island from her experiences there, and that our guide, Enrique, knew as an islander that it felt like we were welcomed as returning friends rather than visitors. I would travel with her as a study leader again in a heartbeat!’ – Carlene C. Nelson

‘Sidsel was wonderful! Her knowledge of the island and friendships with the islanders add much to the trip.’ – George Alers

Archaeology Tours Led by Dr Sidsel Millerström

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