Dr Stephanie Wynne-Jones

Professor of African Archaeology 
University of York
Department of Archaeology

Stephanie Wynne-Jones is a specialist in the archaeology of eastern Africa, particularly the Swahili coast. She directed excavations at sites across Kenya, Tanzania and Mozambique. Her Ph.D. from the University of Cambridge was based on work around Kilwa in southern Tanzania.

She is a Professor of African Archaeology at the University of York, where she teaches on all aspects of African archaeology and heritage. She also teaches in the Centre for Medieval Studies, exploring the Global Middle Ages and Islamic worlds.  

She has published widely on all aspects of the Swahili coast and her work there, including books on The Swahili World and A Material Culture.

Professor Wynne-Jones’ knowledge of the area and passion for the subject make her an ideal trip leader, exploring sites, many of which she has excavated herself.  

Tours Led by Professor Stephanie Wynne-Jones

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