Dr Travis Stanton

Professor of Archaeology 
University of California Riverside
Department of Archaeology

Travis Stanton is a Mesoamerican archaeologist and Full Professor at the University of California Riverside. With a Ph.D. from Southern Methodist University (2000) he has worked in Mexico since 1995, primarily directing projects in the states of Yucatan and Quintana Roo; his current field research is heavily focused on Chichen Itza, the great Early Postclassic city of the Maya and UNESCO World Heritage site, for which is has co-created the working 3D model of the site.

For nearly a decade (from 2004-2013), Travis was a professor at the Universidad de las Américas Puebla, located among the ruins of the ancient city of Cholula in Central Mexico, and has spent extensive periods of time in the Gulf Coast Region. These experiences give him a profound grounding across several regions of Mesoamerica, and Central Mexico, where he engages in iconographic, digital archaeology. and oral history projects, is his second home.

Among numerous journal articles and book chapters, Travis has published ten books, including a fundamental pedagogical text on the workings of archaeology and a wide-sweeping edited volume coving the Early Postclassic across Mesoamerica.

Tours Led by Professor Travis Stanton

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Hidden Mexico Tour: El Tajin to Cantona to Guanajuato

15 Days
Availability : March 15 - 29, 2025
Tour Hidden Mexico from the Gulf Coast lowlands to Mexico’s Central Plateau, and along the way see nine UNESCO World Heritage sites.

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