Dr Luisa Sernicola

University of Hamburg
Hiob Ludolf Center for Ethiopian Studies

Dr. Luisa Sernicola received her M.A. in Classic Archaeology, with a dissertation on Ethiopia Archaeology, from the University of Naples, and her PhD in African Archaeology from the same institution.  She has worked as a Research Assistant in Ethiopian Archaeology at the University of Naples, a member of the International Cooperation Program between the University of Naples and Addis Ababa University in Ethiopia, and, most recently, as a researcher at the Hiob Ludolf Center for Ethiopian Studies at the University of Hamburg.  

Dr. Sernicola conducted field work at Bieta Giyorgis (Aksum, Ethiopia) from 2005-2008, at Yeha (Tigray Region) in 2009, and at Seglamen (Aksum, Ethiopia) from 2010-2014. Her research and particular area of interest has to do with the ancient settlement patterns in the area of Aksum, a subject on which she has taught many courses at the University of Naples. She has presented papers on the subject throughout Europe and Ethiopia. Fluent in Ge’ez, the ancient Ethiopian language, Dr. Sernicola’s deep connections with the archaeology and culture of Ethiopia make her an ideal leader for this trip.

‘Luisa is exceptionally knowledgeable about her field, but also about other areas of Ethiopian life. A great addition to the tour!’ – Carole Nagengast

Archaeology Tours Led by Dr Luisa Sernicola


Ethiopia: The Wonders of the Horn of Africa

15 Days
Availability : TBA
Lalibela’s underground churches, Axum’s huge monolithic stelae, Gondor’s royal palace, and the tribal areas of the Omo Valley; enjoy colorful Easter Festivities in Aksum and Lalibela.
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