Dr Steven L. Tuck

Miami University
History and Classics

Steven L. Tuck is a highly regarded Professor in History and Classics at Miami University. After earning his B.A. in History and Classics at Indiana University, he received his Ph.D. in Classical Art and Archaeology from the University of Michigan. Dr. Tuck is continually recognized as an excellent educator by Miami University, earning the Outstanding Professor Award three years in a row only to be recognized in 2013 with their highest honor for innovative and effective undergraduate teaching: the E. Phillips Knox award.

He has published widely in international journals on both Greek and Roman art, social and political history, and archaeology. Dr. Tuck’s most recent monograph A History of Roman Art was published in 2021 through Wiley Publishing. He has a book, Escape from Pompeii, forthcoming from Oxford University Press on the fate of survivors of the eruption of Vesuvius. Dr. Tuck teaches the 24-part series The Mysterious Etruscans with The Great Courses, which makes him an ideal leader for this unique journey.

‘Superb, simply superb, both from a professional and personal viewpoint.’ – Carole Ross

‘I truly feel that he had empathy for each one of us and our interests. Made us feel part of an adventure with him.’ – Emilia Chaffee

Archaeology Tours Led by Professor Steven L. Tuck


Italy: In the Path of the Etruscans

12 Days
Availability : June 3 – 14, 2024
Rome’s Etruscan and the Vatican Etruscan Museums, Orvieto and Cotona hill towns, Volterra’s Etruscan Museum, and Glorious Florence
Italy - Now Accepting 2025 Deposits

Rome and Southern Italy Archaeological Tour

11 Days
Availability : May 2025
Tour Rome and Southern Italy including stops at Pompeii, Sorrento, Herculaneum, Naples and Paestum

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