What Far Horizons’ Travelers Say

Far Horizons tours has led many travelers like you to wonderful lands and cultures. The following is a cross-section of our travelers’ stories and experiences.

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“Thoughts on why we travel with Far Horizons. We could start with a variation on Edmund Hilary – because you are there – but that would not begin to answer the question. The first concept is of course the destination and Far Horizons goes to the exotic and wondrous places that call to me, and you are so good at arranging all the details that consume so much time when I plan our trips myself. Good lecturers and good company are part of the package, and the groups are small so the trip feels individualized. We have enjoyed many trips on our own so that this feeling of not being part of a herd is very important. The small size also allows for flexibility on the tour – allowing for more time at a site if it is so desired. Perhaps, most of all, I appreciate the staff of Far Horizons who are gracious, patient, friendly, supportive, caring, and thoughtful. Our trip to the Western Desert of Egypt and to Mongolia and Korea for the eclipse were so well planned and well led that we were spoiled. We look forward to more good times with Far Horizons.”


Elaine Zieve

“You can see foreign countries and cultures in two ways: 1. from the outside, aboard the gigantic floating city blocks they call cruise ships, or 2. from the inside, with culturally informed and attuned travel companies like Far Horizons. As a study leader on many Far Horizons trips, accompanied by some of the nicest and savviest tourists in the world, I learned as much as they did about the richness and vibrancy of these ancient and modern civilizations. But beyond the learning experience, it was truly a lot of fun for all concerned! In fact, I’ve enjoyed my Far Horizons experience so much that I’ve also traveled on their tours as a participant.”

Michael D. Coeworld
Renowned Mayanist and Khmer specialist, author of Breaking the Maya Code and The Maya

“Brings back wonderful memories of the trips we shared with Mary Dell and her knowledgable leaders! We were on the Naj Tunich overnight with the kind family. I was so happy I had a Polaroid camera along to give them photos. Howler monkeys, Usumacinta thrills, Bonampak murals, Piedras Negras and the bot fly, but especially seeing the eccentric flint that young David Stewart had excavated that very day at Copan – it eventually made the cover of National Geographic. Congratulations on the last 30 years, and here’s to many more!”

Evelyn Billo

“It is not always easy to make a group of people feel so at easy while touring. Your company does an incredible job of doing just that. A wonderful blend of learning new things and being well taken care of – Thanks!”

Susan Apley

“Far Horizons is like traveling with the best friends you ever had!”


Alberta Chulick

“If I had a million dollars I would sign up for all Far Horizons trips! Alas I do not and I occasionally have to show up at the office!”


Vivian Mosby

“Congrats on 30 years of wonderful and sometimes unexpected adventures. Traveling with Far Horizons has always been a stellar experience. Best wishes for your continued success!”

Agnes Hooper

“I felt like I was traveling with old friends that I had known for a long time – with many common interests and previous experiences including travels.”

Carlene Nelson

“One of the many things which keep us returning to Far Horizons is the care with which guest speakers are selected . The expertise, almost universally, shown makes these tours outstanding, plus the care taken by the tour manager.”

Tom Potworowski and Patricia Holmes

“I love it all – Far Horizons superb planning, exotic cultures and fantastic archaeological sites visited, and, perhaps most of all, wonderful and lasting new friendships made. I look forward to my next trip with Far Horizons”

Faith Henschel

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