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Surprising Finds at Ek Balam

By Stanley Guenter, Study Leader Over the last decade the site of Ek Balam has emerged as one of the great surprises in Maya archaeology. A relatively small...
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Yaxha Guatemala tour El Salvador tour

Capital Cities of the Ancient Maya

No Bañarse! by Sara Barbieri, Tour Manager (on January 2009 trip) When you are traipsing through the jungle in the pouring rain feeling the water seep through your...
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The World of the Maya

By R. Werner, Tour Member Pity the poor Maya archaeologists of yore who hacked their way through the dense tropical jungles of Honduras, Guatemala, and Mexico for days,...
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Easter Island’s Tapati Rapa Nui

What is the Tapati Festival?
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Anakena Easter Island Far Horizons tour

Excitement and Discovery on Easter Island

By Steven Roger Fischer, former Study Leader A 25-year-old Finnish tourist caused excitement on Easter Island in March of this year when he broke off part of the...
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Bellapais Abbey Cyprus tour archaeology tour

Cyprus – In the Footsteps of Aphrodite

By Sara Barbieri Whirling through the landscape of Cyprus, in the footsteps of St. Helena (mother of Constantine the Great), Hala Sultan (believed to be the wet-nurse to...
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Libya… Not Just Sand and Camels

By Heather Stoeckley In March of 2008, I was fortunate enough to accompany our second group trip to Libya, a country that is home to many awe-inspiring archaeological...
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