As the August moon waxes in the Buddhist month of Esala, the most flamboyant of festivals takes over the medieval royal city of Kandy in Sri Lanka. The procession includes fire jugglers swinging flaming torches, lively acrobats, a cacophony of percussionists pounding traditional drums, almost 5,000 dancers clanging finger cymbals, musicians, whip crackers, torch bearers,...
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Vat Phu temple Laos Far Horizons tour
By Heather Stoeckley Today we fly to Laos, leaving behind our thrilling week of explorations – quasi Indiana Jones style – through the various jungle temples at Angkor Wat.  Once arrived, we enjoy a serene meander down the Mekong River and eventually reach the ending point to board our bus for lunch.  Today’s fare is...
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Phnom Penh Royal Palace Cambodia tour archaeology tou
By Malcolm David Eckel For a traveler in Cambodia, Laos, or Thailand, there is no more satisfying experience than to step out of the noise and commotion of the city into the quiet space of a Buddhist temple. Monks in saffron robes move lightly through the courtyards, men and women make offerings or sit quietly...
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Dunhuang Mogao Cave China Far Horizons tour
Follow in the path of merchants, traders, and warriors at China’s Mogao Caves. Caves carved into the cliffs filled with brightly painted murals are some of western China’s best kept secrets. Located in the arid climate of the Gobi Desert, the Mogao Caves have preserved thousands of sculptures and paintings of Buddha for over 1500...
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Hampi temples India Far Horizons tour
As I unpack my suitcase, the scent of India permeates my room. All it takes is a momentary glimpse of a sparkling blue sari – an impulse buy in Tanjore – peaking out from under the pile of clothes and I am suddenly back to that place of vibrant colors, exotic spices and mystifying sounds…...
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