Life aboard a Turkish Gulet

By Jennifer Tobin, Study Leader

Blue Cruise private yacht charter TurkeyI’m an early riser so my day begins at dawn.  I put on a bathing suit under my sundress and leave my small wooden cabin, climbing the stairs to emerge on deck.  Long cushions occupy the stern of the boat and I snuggle into some pillows to watch the sun rise.  Our gulet is moored in a tiny cove; I hear nothing but the water lapping languidly against the wooden hull and the occasional call of a bird from the rocky shore nearby.  But then soft bare feet come padding towards me – it’s the second mate, Mehmet, bringing me a cup of coffee.  I’ve done this enough mornings for him to anticipate my needs.  The sky begins to brighten behind the craggy mountains on the horizon and a breeze ripples the calm sea. Perfection.  As the sun climbs above the Taurus Mountains I’m warm enough to take a dip; collecting mask and snorkel I dive off the gulet to visit with the sea life – slender blue trumpet fish, schools of shiny anchovies, brittle urchins on the sea bed far below.  But my stomach is growling.  I climb back on deck via the ladder (thoughtfully provided by Mehmet), hop in the shower and then join my Far Horizons friends for a breakfast of eggs, fruit and fresh bread.  We have a big day ahead, and although we are visiting Letoon and Xanthos, two of my favorite sites in Turkey, I’m almost sorry to leave the boat.  But I’m comforted by the knowledge that we’ll return in the afternoon with plenty of time to swim.  I can once again cuddle into the cushions, this time with a glass of cold Turkish wine in my hand, and enjoy the camaraderie of my shipmates.  Then it’s a delicious dinner, cooked on board, and to bed, lulled to sleep by the gentle rocking of the waves.Travel aboard a gulet with Far Horizons and Jennifer Tobin on Sail the Sapphire Seas!