Marcello Canuto

Marcello Canuto received his BA from Harvard University and his PhD from the University of Pennsylvania, both in Anthropology. After teaching for several years at Yale University, Dr. Canuto is presently Associate Professor at Tulane University, and holds the prestigious position of Director of the renowned Middle America Research Institute there. He has published numerous articles and is the author of Archaeology of Communities: New World Perspective. He has been Assistant Curator, Pre-Columbian Collections, Peabody Museum since 2003, and Consultant, United Nations Development Programme, Guatemala since 2008. Dr. Canuto is the Director of La Corona Regional Archaeological Project in Guatemala.

Tours Led by Marcello Canuto

  • Guatemala: In the Path of the Snake KingdomGuatemala: In the Path of the Snake Kingdom
    CALL | TBA More than 1,500 years ago Maya rulers jockeyed for supremacy as they created immense city states. Mounting evidence now indicates that a single kingdom, called Snake (‘Kaan’), had a disproportionate influence, and newly-discovered texts affirm their royal power. Travel by chartered helicopter to El Mirador and La Corona, and by truck along jungle-shrouded tracks to Holmul where recent finds link this center with the Kaan family.