Dr Stanley Guenter

University of Calgary
La Trobe University in Melbourne Australia
PhD in Archaeology

Stanley Guenter was first introduced to the Maya culture and ancient script at the age of ten. He has been studying the Mesoamerican cultures ever since. He obtained his undergraduate degree at the University of Calgary, his Master’s Degree at La Trobe University in Melbourne Australia, and his PhD in Archaeology from Southern Methodist University.

He has worked on archaeological projects in eastern Tabasco, Mexico and is currently an epigrapher and archaeologist with two archaeological projects in Guatemala: The Regional Archaeological Investigations of Northern Petén, Guatemala (RAINPEG) and the Southern Methodist University El Peru/Waka’ project.

Stanley is one of the outstanding rising stars of Mesoamerican writing systems and has taught and presented at many conferences in Canada, the United States, Australia, Germany and Denmark.

He has done a full study of the inscriptions of Dos Pilas in relation to Tikal (you may see the readings on mesoweb.com).  

“Stan is amazing! He was full of information and attentive, and was always so quick to share. He was very attentive and patient with questions. He had a great sense of humor too and a very pleasant, easy going personality. I hope you can entice him to lead future trips!” – David  Westphal

“He’s a great tour leader – smart, articulate, and considerate. I would give him an A+++” – Elizabeth Wray

“Stan is fantastic!  I am very impressed by the depth & breadth of his knowledge of the Maya.” – Ben Azman

“Stan really made the trip for us. He is flexible, accommodating, kind and considerate – AND (and this is a huge ‘and’) knowledgeable, excited, passionate, and caring about the Maya, their structures, their art, their history… His excitement and enthusiasm are contagious. Keep him!” – Pat Meany

“Stanley is an excellent leader. He managed by his presence and manner to make the group a cohesive unit while allowing for individual differences in ability and pace.  We also respect his knowledge and willingness to share his opinions and back them up with facts and logical arguments.“ –Anne and Joe Frankel

“I enjoy Stanley’s information very much and especially his enthusiasm about all things archaeology.  He is always ready to go deeper into the glyphs and the history.” – Ann Higgins

Archaeology Tours Led by Dr Stanley Guenter


Tour Central Mexico’s Toltec Heritage

11 Days
Availability : TBA
Tour Central Mexico and investigate Toltec ruins and the ancient centers of Tula, Calixtlahuaca, Malinalco, Teotenango.
Guatemala & El Salvador

Guatemala & El Salvador: Lost Cities of the Ancient Maya Tour

11 Days
Availability : TBA
Join Dr. Stanley Guenter for Far Horizons' tour of Guatemala & El Salvador — enjoy boat rides down rivers and see the sites of Joya de Cerén and Ceibal.
Honduras, Guatemala & Mexico

Capital Cities of the Ancient Maya: Honduras, Guatemala & Mexico Tour

14 Days
Availability : TBA 2026
Capital Cities of the Ancient Maya: Tour Maya Ruins of Honduras, Guatemala & Mexico and two full days in San Cristobal de las Casas

Spain: In the Path of the Conquistadors Tour

Availability : NEW! October 12 – 26, 2024
Conquest, Reconquista, and the world of the Conquistadors: From Rome and Arabs to the Americas
Belize - Now Accepting 2025 Deposits

Archaeology of Belize Tour

8 Days
Availability : February 6 - 14, 2025
Discover the Archaeology of Belize Tour at Far Horizons. Visit lost Maya ceremonial centers, meet the people, & see spectacular wildlife. Find out more!
Mexico - Now Booking!

Mexico’s Yucatan Tour – Off the Beaten Path

11 Days
Availability : February 16 – 26, 2025
Tour Mexico’s Yucatán and Visit Uxmal and Chichén Itza along with the Hidden Cities of Balamkú, Ek Balam, and Calakmul.

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