Delphi Greece archaeology tour educational tour
By Dr. Kyra Nourse Far Horizon’s “Glorious Greece” trip couldn’t be more aptly named. While I could speak with enthusiasm and at length about any of the sites on the itinerary, I’ll restrain myself and focus on two of my personal favorites. The first of these is Delphi. I have never seen a photo that...
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by Stanley Guenter This trip to the Maya area picks up where “Capital Cities of the Ancient Maya” leaves off. After visiting Palenque we explore a number of sites in the Rio Bec region of southern Campeche, where little-visited Maya ruins feature entrances built to resemble the mouths of gigantic serpents. The site of Calakmul...
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Bellapais Abbey Cyprus tour archaeology tour
By Sara Barbieri Whirling through the landscape of Cyprus, in the footsteps of St. Helena (mother of Constantine the Great), Hala Sultan (believed to be the wet-nurse to Mohammed), Berengaria (first-born daughter of King Sancho VI of Navarre who, incidentally, married Richard the Lion Hearted), not to mention the damp footprints of Aphrodite (birthed from...
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