Archaeologists have revised the timeline of ancient Egypt’s First Dynasty

Ancient Egypt was the first regional state to be brought under one political ruler, and new dating evidence suggests that this period of unification happened more quickly than previously thought. The first kings and queens of Egypt in order of succession were Aha, Djer, Djet, Queen Merneith, Den, Anedjib, Semerkhet and Qa’a. They would have ruled over a territory spanning a similar area to Egypt today. Until now scientists had relied on archaeological evidence alone, using the evolving styles of ceramics excavated at human burial sites to try to piece together the timings of key chronological events in the Predynastic period and the First Dynasty. But using fresh radiocarbon dates combined with existing archaeological evidence the scholars have pinpointed the likeliest date for each king’s accession. Travel to Egypt with Far Horizons!

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