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Segesta Temple in Sicily

Sicily: The Heart of the Mediterranean

By Heather Stoeckley “To have seen Italy without seeing Sicily is to not have seen Italy at all, for Sicily is the clue to everything.”  These words from...
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Unlocking the past in Mexico City

By Heather Stoeckley Mexico City is bursting with color!  From the purple-blooming Jacaranda trees that line Reforma Avenue, to the yellow and orange dome that tops Palacio de...
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Sri Lanka: Land of Serendipity

By David Eckel In 1754, the English essayist Horace Walpole coined the term “serendipity” to refer to “a happy and unexpected discovery.” The source for his new word...
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City Palace. Udaipur India tour

Travel through India’s Gujarat and Rajasthan

Exploring traditions in Gujarat and Rajasthan By Jenny Rose I often think of India as a kind of reverse prism of religious and social diversity, continuously absorbing a wide...
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yacht cruise Blue Cruise Turkey

Life aboard a Turkish Gulet

By Jennifer Tobin, Study Leader I’m an early riser so my day begins at dawn.  I put on a bathing suit under my sundress and leave my small...
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Chaco Canyon Pueblo Bonito Southwest tour New Mexico tour

Chaco Canyon – Did You Know?

Located in the northwest corner of New Mexico, Chaco Canyon is 70 miles from the nearest town and reached only by rutted dirt roads. And yet, throughout the...
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Thingvellir National Park Iceland Far Horizons tour

Did You Know about Iceland?

Iceland has one of the first democratic parliaments in the World?
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Gold - Sofia, Bulgaria

Bulgaria Archaeology Tour – Post-Trip Interview

A post-trip interview with tour manager, Kelly Bryson Following our comprehensive Bulgaria Tour: Land of History, we decided to interview the tour manager, Kelly Bryson, to help potential...
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Battle of Kadesh Majesty of Egypt Far Horizons Tour

Did You Know about the Egyptians?

The oldest international peace treaty was between the Egyptians and the Hittites?
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