Ramesses III died from a cut throat in a harem coup?

A 3000-year-old trial record that was translated into English and published as early as 1865, documents the aftermath of the Harem Conspiracy. It tells of Queen Tiye, one of Pharoah Ramesses III’s wives, who enlisted the aid of various members of the pharaoh’s household to assassinate him while he spent the evening in the royal harem in order to put her son, Pentawere, on the throne. A recent CT scan has revealed a serious wound in the throat of Ramesses III’s mummy, directly under the larynx. Researchers also found a Horus eye emblem inserted into the wound by embalmers to promote healing. A second mummy found in the same tomb, known as Unknown Man E, was covered with goat skin, believed to prohibit him from reaching the afterlife. Forensic examination found wrinkles under the mandible and on the neck of E that indicate strangulation. Could this be Pentawere? Genetic testing has confirmed that E and Ramesses III were directly related to each other in the paternal line. Travel to Egypt with Far Horizons!

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