Who was Frederick Catherwood? Far Horizons explains…

Who was Frederick Catherwood?  Here’s the incredible story…

One day in 1839, English explorer Frederick Catherood and American explorer John Lloyd Stephens climbed the crumbling steps of the pyramids in the Maya city of Copán.

The pyramids had been overgrown by the jungle and even the inhabitants of the region forgot about their origins.  

These two were the first Westerners to be aware of what was before them!  They explored the immense terraces, magnificent temples, and palaces that were mysteriously abandoned centuries earlier.

The city had been ignored by the Spanish conquistadors and so thick vegetation covered these treasures.

You can imagine their excitement, as Catherwood and Stephens studied inscriptions in an incomprehensible language, and discovered stone carvings with outstanding workmanship.

Their discovery meant that the history of the civilizations of Central America had to be rewritten…and the Maya came back to life

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