Why Archaeology in Travel?

IMG_1630Isn’t it true that archaeology always seems to conjure up images of the exotic?

Watching the History Channel, or National Geographic specials, we are in awe of images of pyramids, cliff dwelling, temples, and the treasures of ancient cities.

This reminds us that every place has a compelling past that offers us an understanding of the present.

Archaeology studies past human behavior through the  careful recovery and analysis of uncovered remains or objects.

These ‘artifacts’ are the evidence of past cultures, and offers a physical connection to our past.

Archaeologists care for our past.  It’s the goal of archaeology to demonstrate how cultures change and why.  This gives us the ability to better plan for the future.

TongarikiTraveling with Far Horizons offers this window in our exceptional itineraries.  All of our trips are accompanied by expert and entertaining scholars.  We offer adventure, education, camaraderie, and a new understanding of the world’s cultures – both past and present.

Join the Far Horizons Family…let us plan your next journey!


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