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The Greatest Persian Historical Sites to Visit Today

Iran is home to several of the world’s most extraordinary archaeological sites.
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Is Petra, Jordan, Worth a Trip?

Established in 312 BCE, the city of Petra has long cast a spell over travelers.
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Off the Beaten Path in Luxor

Herodotus said it 2,500 years ago, Egypt is the gift of the Nile.
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Top 10 Historical and Archaeological Sites in Italy

Italy is one of the most archaeologically-important countries in the world.
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The Most Important Archaeological Sites in Greece

Discover the most important archaeological sites in Greece at Far Horizons. Get inspired with insight from the archaeological tour experts. Read more!
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What are the Most Impressive Archaeological Sites in Asia?

Discover Far Horizons’ most impressive archaeological sites in Asia. Here we discuss some of our absolute favorite Asian sites. Click to find out more!
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10 Unmissable European Archaeological Sites

Join Far Horizons as we select 10 of our favorite European archaeological sites. From the Parthenon in Athens, Greece, to England's Stonehenge...
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What is Educational Tourism?

Join Far Horizons as we discuss educational tourism – what it is and how you could benefit from joining one of our small group archaeological tours
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What Are the Most Fascinating Archaeological Sites in Asia? 

Looking to explore Asia's archaeology on an informative, academic tour? From Cambodia to Laos, to Indonesia and Sri Lanka, let Far Horizons show you the continent's rich history.
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