Ychsma Mummies Discovered…On Far Horizons Peru Itinerary!

The Ychsma people ruled a large area of Peru, until the Inca conquered it just 63 years before the Spanish Conquistadors came and pillaged Peru in 1470. Now four Ychsma culture mummies — three women and one man— were unearthed by a team of archaeologists at Huaca Pucllana, an ancient ceremonial complex in Lima, Peru.

What does this mean?  This discovery reaffirms the presence of Ychsma groups and culture on the central coast of Peru from 1000 – 1450 AD. The mummies were found in a sitting posture facing southeast.  They were wrapped in textiles, basketworks, and ropes.  They were even covered with offerings such as matte pottery vases, balls of thread, and textiles.

 “This discovery is very important to learn more about the history of ancient Peru, as it provides new data on culture, and way of life of Miraflores’ first inhabitants. For this reason, the Municipality remains committed towards protecting and promoting such historical, cultural heritage site,” Miraflores Mayor Jorge Muñoz Wells said.”

Far Horizons takes you on an exciting adventure to Peru.  While the fabled cities of the Inka are ingrained in our consciousness with images of towering stonewalls and glittering golden armor, there were the last in a long line of rich and fascinating cultures. We will visit the site of this new discovery as well as many other exciting discoveries from the north coast to the highlands of Peru, with an optional extension to see the Nazca Lines. Please view the itinerary on our website!

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